Steam Idli
(Steam cooked rice and lentil soft cakes) J / V
  All Vegan Jain

(Menu prices can vary state wise)


Steamy Idlies & Crispy Vadas

S1 Steam Idli (3pcs)

(Steam cooked rice and lentil soft cakes) J / V

S2 Mini Idli (12pcs)

(Steam cooked rice and lentil tiny soft cakes) J / V

S3 Medu Vada (3pcs)

(A deep fine chopped salty Indian donut made from lentil & seasoned with Indian Spices) J / V

S4 Sambar Vada (4pcs)

(A lentil donut dipped in lentil soup containing fine carrots, grated coconut and garnished with coriander leaves) J / V


Sada Plaza

S5 Set Dosa

(Two pieces of South Indian soft based plain healthy pizza) J / V

S6 Sada Dosa

(Sada dosa is a plain thin crispy savoury pan-cake served with veg lentil soup & coconut chutney) J / V

S9 Jam Roast Dosa (Check for availability)

(Crispy crepe coated with jam) J / V


Traditional masala plaza

S14 Harabhara Masala

(Dosa stuffed with mint flavoured, mashed potatoes and cottage cheese) J / V


Healthy Uttappa

S19 Plain Uttappa

(Thick, round, crunchy rice and lentil pan cake) J / V

S20 Mini Uttappa (3pcs)

(3 Pieces of small lentil rice pan cakes) J / V

S24 Tomato Uttappa

(Round, thick, pancake topped with chopped tomato and cooked for perfection) J / V

S26 Paneer Tomato Uttappa

(Tomato uttappa with cottage cheese) J


Chinese Fusion Dosa’s

S41 Paneer Spring Roll Dosa

(Spring roll dosa stuffed with cottage cheese) J

S42 Paneer Spring Roll Dosa with Cheese

(Paneer spring roll dosa garnished with grated cheese) J


Chopsuey Plaza

S44 American Chopsuey Dosa with Cheese

(American chopsuey garnished with grated cheese) J


Mexican fusion Dosas

S58 Chilly Delight Uttappa

(Pancake topped with capsicum, ring onion, garlic-chilly, pasta garlic sauce & black pepper) J / V

S60 Mexi Roll Dosa

(Dosa Stuffed with stirred vegetables, grated cottage cheese mingled with hot garlic sauce with the unique combination of 100% pure veg mayonnaise) J

S61 Mexi Roll Dosa with Cheese

(Mexi roll dosa garnished with grated cheese) J


Mexican Thin & Crispy Dosas

S64 Mexican Roast Dosa

(A triangle shape savoury pan cake stuffed with rich cream a combination of crushed cashewnut, fine cottage cheese with light touch of 100% pure Veg. mayonnaise) J

S65 Mexican Roast Dosa with Cheese

(Mexican roast dosa garnished with grated cheese) J


Paper Plaza

S75 Paper Roast Dosa (Limited edition)

(4 Foot Long Thin crepe. A must try Dosa) J / V