Hara Bhara Kabab
(Patties made with peas-spinach with mashed potatoes) J / V
  All Vegan Jain

(Menu prices can vary state wise)



P1 Hara Bhara Kabab (6pcs)

(Patty of spinach, potato, peas and spices) J / V

P2 Tandoori Aloo (6pcs)

(Potato marinated with Indian spices and yoghurt and cooked in tandoori oven)

P3 Paneer Tikka Kabab (6pcs)

(Cottage cheese marinated with Indian spices and yoghurt and cooked in tandoori oven)

P4 Bhutta Da Kabab

(A Tandoori twist to corn on the cob, a must try, served with tomato chutney)

M9 Dahi Vada (4pcs)

(A round lentil ball dipped in fresh yoghurt & seasoned with Indian Spices) J


Main Course

P5 Dal Fry

(Yellow lentil tempered with asafoetida, cumin, spices and coriander) J / V

P6 Dal Makhani

(Black whole lentil cooked with tomato, onion, ginger and Indian spices)

P7 Aloo Gobi

(Cauliflower and potato cubes cooked with spices and herbs) V

P8 Aloo Mutter

(Potato cubes and peas cooked with spices and herbs) V

P9 Veg. Makhanwala

(Vegetable cooked in butter tomato cream gravy with spices) J

P10 Veg. Malai Kofta

(Mild Tomato cashew nut gravy is cooked with tender succulent
vegetable balls) J

P11 Palak Paneer

(Chopped spinach cooked and cottage cheese cooked with onion,
tomato and spices)

P12 Butter Paneer

(Soft cottage cheese cubes cooked in orange creamy tangy gravy) J

P13 Kadai Paneer

(Cottage cheese cubes, capsicum, onion cooked with spices)

P14 Paneer Tikka Masala

(Cottage cheese cube, onion, capsicum, tomato cooked in tandoori oven and mixed with spicy gravy)

P15 Vegetable Jalfrezi

(Mix vegetable cooked with tangy and spicy sauce with capsicum and onion julienne) V

P16 Mutter Paneer

(Green peas mixed with cottage cheese cubes cooked with Indian Spices and gravy) J

P17 Mix Vegetables

(Assorted vegetable and cottage cheese cooked with onion tomato based gravy) J / V

P18 Navaratan Korma

(Assorted vegetable, cottage cheese, nuts cooked in nutty creamy gravy) J

P19 Methi Malai Mutter

(Green peas, fenugreek leaves, cottage cheese cooked together with herbs and cream herbs) J


Tandoori Breads

P20 Tandoori Roti

(Whole wheat bread baked in clay oven ) J / V

P21 Butter Roti

(Tandoori roti topped with butter) J

P22 Bhature (1pc)

(Traditional all purpose flour puffed bread goes best with chole masala) J

P23 Naan

(A classic flour bread cooked in tandoor) J

P24 Butter Naan

(Naan topped with Butter) J

P25 Garlic Naan

(Naan topped with coriander and garlic)

P26 Cheese Naan

(Naan stuffed with cheese)

P27 Aloo Paratha

(Bread stuffed with spiced potato mixture cooked in tandoor) J / V

P28 Paneer Paratha

(Bread stuffed with cottage cheese mixture cooked in tandoor)



P29 Steam Rice

(Rice cooked with steam) J / V

P30 Subz Biryani

(Rice dum cooked with vegetables in rich spices and herbs served with raita)



P31 Papad (2pcs)

(Crispy flatbread, typically made from lentil) J / V

P32 Masala Papad

(A spicy crispy flatbread, typically made from lentil & garnished
with fine chopped tomatoes, onion) J / V

P33 Curd

(Plain unsweetened yoghurt) J

P34 Raita

(Curd beaten with cumin, sugar, seasonal vegetables & salt to smooth consistency) J

P35 Mix Green Salad

(Farm garden salad with local vegetables and tossed in vinaigrette dressing) V

P36 Extra Ghee  
P37 Extra Cheese  

Punjabi Combo

P38 Punjabi Thali

(Veg. curry of the day, paneer curry of the day, dal, rice, naan, sweet, raita & papad)

P39 Chole Bhature

(Chickpeas cooked in aromatic Indian Spices and served with 2 puffed breads)