(Triangular pastry filled with spiced potatoes & peas, subtly flavoured with spices) J / V
  All Vegan Jain

(Menu prices can vary state wise)


Yummy Snacks

M1 Samosa (2pcs)

(Triangular pastry filled with savoury spiced potato and peas mixture) V

M2 Samosa Chaat

(Samosa mashed and topped with chick pea gravy with raita, spices & chutney)

M3 Batata Vada (2pcs)

(Potato tempered mustered seeds and curry leaves, served with chutney) V

M4 Sabudana Vada (3pcs)

(Dumpling made out of tapioca, herbs & spices) J / V

M5 Bhel Puri

(Crispy puffed rice, tossed with herbs, spices & chutney to perfection) V

M6 Sev Puri

(Canapies made on thin crispy base top with Sev & Chutney) V

M7 Pani Puri

(Crispy hollow puff served with potato, dipped in tangy dressing and served) V

M8 Dahi Batata Puri

(Crispy hollow puff crispy base topped with potato mixture, curd, sev, chutney & fresh coriander)

M9 Dahi Vada (4pcs)

(A round lentil ball dipped in fresh yoghurt & seasoned with
Indian Spices) J


Mumbai Special

M10 Pav Bhaji

(A delicious curry made of mixed vegetables and spices served with 2 breads) V

M11 Vada Pav

(Batata vada served with chutney & chilly garlic spice mix, stuffed in pav) V

M12 Butter Pav (1pc)

(Pav grilled on hot plate using generous amount of butter)